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More of the Same; Turnovers, Mental Errors, Poor Tackling Lead to 31-24 Loss to Bills


The Eagles’ troubles continued today in a 31-24 loss to the Bills in a game that showed continued failures in the fundamentals in the game. Offensively, the Eagles  turned the ball over 5 times, all in the passing game. The Eagles offense made big play after big play, unfortunately it was big good play, big [...]

Defense Collapses Again in 24-23 Loss to 49ers, Reid Continues Baffling Goal Line Calls

Castillo 2

While Michael Vick played under control and put up massive numbers, the Eagles offense left at least 13 points on the field with 2 missed field goals, and a strange pass / fumble by Ronnie Brown at the 2 yard line. Those missed opportunities came back to haunt the Birds in the fourth quarter when [...]

Vick’s Play Has Been The Most Disturbing Problem So Far


Forget the struggling linebackers. Forget the abysmal safeties. Forget the rookie defensive coordinator. The most troubling issue with the Philadelphia Eagles right now has been the inexcusably poor play of Michael Vick. Vick has not played to the level that the Eagles hoped he would be at this season. He has been inconsistent and erratic, [...]

Vick Breaks Hand, Giants Break Eagles, 29-16.


Update: The Eagles reported today that Vick has only a contusion, not a a broken bone in his hand. The Eagles were soundly beaten by the Giants today 29-16. The Giants came prepared to play and were solid in all aspects of the game. The Eagles were not prepared and could not overcome a myriad [...]

Maclin Drop Spoils Kafka Comeback And His Own Night , Eagles Falcons Notes

Maclin 18 G3

In a game that featured hard hitting, turnovers, injuries, and great momentum swings, the Eagles lost the game when Jeremy Maclin dropped a 4th down pass inside the 15 yard line with under 2 minutes left in the game. The Eagles trailed 35-31 at the time and needed a touchdown to complete an unlikely comeback [...]

Notes From Eagles-Rams


- For a little while, the Rams were giving the Eagles more than they could handle. The offense was struggling to get anything going, and the defense wasn’t doing much to slow the progress of the St. Louis offense. The game turned around on two plays… – The first was an incredible catch by DeSean [...]

Evaluating The Roster: Michael Vick

Vick 7 G8

With each entry into this series, I’ll take a look at the performance of a certain player, analyze their performance from the previous season, and comment on what I expect from them in the future. Michael Vick Entering the 2010 campaign, Michael Vick was somewhat of an afterthought. Vick hadn’t been playing well during the [...]

Andy Could Learn from Rex

Rex Ryan

The Jets won an exciting game last night against the Colts and their all-world quarterback, Peyton Manning. The fact that the Jets won is not really a surprise as both teams were fairly evenly matched. What was interesting about this game was the adjustments made by Rex Ryan that put the team in a position [...]

It’s all on Reid to Give Vick the Help He Needs

reid 2

The most amazing trend of this season was the growth of Michael Vick as a complete quarterback. Through his re-commitment to the game, and the coaching of Reid & Mornhinweg, Vick transformed into the biggest threat at quarterback in the NFL. But then teams started adjusting with a variety of strategies (relentless blitzing, forcing him [...]

LeSean McCoy Must Be More Involved In The Offensive Gameplan

McCoy G2-crop2

Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg are the doing the Eagles offense a disservice by not using LeSean McCoy and the running game more. McCoy has had a terrific season and has shown that he is among the NFL’s elite running backs. He has become every bit as important to this offense as DeSean Jackson, Jeremy [...]

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