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Week 15 Power Rankings

Patriots. Sure do know how to play in the snow. Trend: Up Saints. Took care of Rams with ease.  Trend: Up Falcons. No contest against pathetic Panthers for 7 in a row  Trend: Up Steelers. Pretender Bengals no match. Ben tough as nails. Trend: Stable Eagles. Handful of big plays produces 30 points, but defense [...]

Week 14 Power Rankings

Patriots. No doubt who No.1 is after that blow-out. Trend: Up Saints. Bengals made it look closer than it was. Getting players back.  Trend: Up Falcons. Just keep on winning, this time over hot division rival Bucs.  Trend: Up Packers. Waste 49ers, scoring at will, defense playing well.  Trend: Up Eagles. Vick quietly impressive with [...]

Week 12 Power Rankings

Jets. Sanchez makes the big throw to save the day, AGAIN! Trend: Up Patriots. Solid win over big rival Colts, repelled Manning comeback attempt. Trend: Up Saints. Took care of business, now on to knocking the Cowboys out for the count.  Trend: Up Packers. Rodgers re-confirms QB decision with Favre knockout punch. Also takes out [...]

Week 11 Power Rankings

Jets. Rex almost loses to evil twin, but Sanchez makes the big throw to save the day.Trend: Up Patriots. Impressively pound Steelers in Pittsburgh. Trend: Up Saints. Moved up during bye week, a rarity, but they are playing better and getting players back soon.  Trend: Up Packers. Time to take out rival Vikings for the [...]

Week 10 Power Rankings

Jets. Tight win over improved Lions, still No. 1 even though the Lions handed the win it to them. Trend: Down Packers. Walloped the Cowboys. Clay Matthews a monster.  Trend: Up Steelers. Easy win over droopy Bengals despite the late scare.  Trend: Stable Giants. Pasted the Seahawks, can’t wait for the Cowboys. Trend: Up Patriots. [...]

Week 8 Power Rankings

Jets. Bye week does nothing to change my mind. Trend: Stable Steelers. Eeked out win over average Dolphins, with some luck. Defense still the best.  Trend: Stable Patriots. Solid win over Norv led Chargers. Trend: Up Ravens. Yikes, a close call against the Bills! Not to worry, still solid at No. 4. Trend: Stable Giants. [...]

Week 7 Power Rankings

Jets. Stave off the Broncos to maintain top spot. Trend: Stable Steelers. Defense amazing at 10 points per game. Big Ben back. Trend: Up Patriots. Picks up old receiver who plays like old self. Defense needs to tighten up though. Trend: Up Saints. Easy win shows signs of old ways. Trend: Up Ravens. Tough loss [...]

Week 6 Power Rankings

Jets. Big interception spoils Moss reunion, solidifies No 1. Trend: Up Ravens. Offense improving, defense solid as ever. Trend: Up Steelers. Defense amazing. All this without Ben. Trend: Up Titans. Great victory over desperate Cowboys. Can Vince hang tough in these heights? Trend: Up Colts. Knocked off upstart Chiefs. Not 100% convinced though with defensive [...]

Week 5 Power Rankings

Jets. Rex’s confidence backed up by team. Trend: Up Packers. Maybe a bit high, but the offense is a powerhouse. Trend: Stable Saints. Kicker woes and a not as powerful as usual offense. Trend: Weakening Ravens. Another solid week, Flacco impressive. Trend: Up Colts. Better fix that defense soon. Trend: Down Steelers. Some say the [...]

Eagles Redskins Pre-Game Spotlight


The Eagles go up against long time division rival Washington Redskins today, a matchup that show favor the Eagles by a sizable margin. The Eagles have been the superior team by all accounts over the past ten years, but the games always seemed to be close struggles. Was it the Eagles playing down to the [...]

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