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Prior Post Season Experience Helped The Phillies Take Game 1

Game 1 of the NLDS was a prime example of the difference experience in the post season can make for a team. The Reds entered the game with the majority of their players experiencing their first-ever playoff games. And for their first game, the Reds found themselves on the road in front of one of [...]

Expect a Tough Series From The Reds

The Cincinnati Reds were a team that surprised many this season by rising up and claiming the N.L. Central from the St. Louis Cardinals. Despite not having a pitching rotation with a bonafide ace, the Reds were able to win their first division title since 1995 by riding one of the best offenses in baseball. 

The Phillies Will Be The Only National League Team With Playoff Experience

Apart from having an elite starting rotation, potent offense, and stable bullpen, the Phillies have another thing in their favor: three straight years of post season experience. The Giants, Reds, Braves, & Padres are all newcomers to the October stage. When a team reaches the post-season for the first time, the feeling can be a [...]

The Phillies Can Now Say “We Told You So.”

No matter how ugly it got earlier in the season, the Phillies never seemed to get overly concerned with their struggles. The message that came from the team was always the same: that when the games matter the most (referring to August and September), they would be ready to meet the challenge.  

Victorino Is Suddenly Thriving As a Leadoff Hitter

One of problems causing the Phillies to have a down year offensively has been inconsistency in the  leadoff position. A good leadoff hitter is supposed to do whatever possible to reach base and set the table for the heart of the order; take a few pitches, work a walk, get a base hit or whatever. [...]

Its Too Early For The Phillies To Shorten Their Rotation

Kyle Kendrick has been hard to watch over his last six starts. Kendrick, who had pitched fairly well for a 5th starter this season, has given up at least four runs in five of his last six starts. He’s only made it through six innings twice in that same stretch. Kendrick’s ERA has also been [...]

Cole Hamels Deserves Credit For How He Has Rebounded

Cole Hamels has come a long way from where he was a year ago. After going through a poor 2009, Hamels endured a heavy amount of criticism. Some of it was justified. Hamels took his offseason workouts too lightly, and spent too much time celebrating his success of 2008. Hamels would often show his immaturity [...]

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