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Preseason Preview: Safeties

Coleman 42

Who’s In: Nate Allen, Jaiquawn Jarrett, Jarrod Page, Kurt Coleman, Colt Anderson, Marlin Jackson, Jamar Adams Who’s Out: Quintin Mikell Like the specialists, the Eagles are putting a lot of faith in young talent to be the answers at the safety positions. Gone is veteran starter and former Pro-Bowler Quintin Mikell, who the Eagles made [...]

From the Notebook, Week 7

notepad 2

The Eagles go into the bye week after a terrible loss to the Titans. Here are some notes from last week’s game taken during the game, along with some comments as to what happened regarding those observations. Second Quarter 9:02 Looks like the Eagles are covering receivers well. Well, that was true at the time. [...]

Titans 37 – Eagles 19. Eagles Collapse, Led 19-10 in 4th. Britt Kills Secondary. McDermott Has No Counter to Titans 2nd Half Protection Adjustments


The Eagles were torched in the second half of this game, giving up 27 points in the 4th quarter. The defense fell apart on 2 counts; (1) The Titans made some protection adjustments to give Kerry Collins some time to throw and (2) The defensive secondary then had to cover Kenny Britt, a task which [...]

Eagles Redskins Pre-Game Spotlight


The Eagles go up against long time division rival Washington Redskins today, a matchup that show favor the Eagles by a sizable margin. The Eagles have been the superior team by all accounts over the past ten years, but the games always seemed to be close struggles. Was it the Eagles playing down to the [...]

Eagles-Jags, What to Watch For


The first game of the official Vick era begins against one of the worst teams in football, the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags suffer from poor quarterback play and a terrible secondary. Their lone shining light is running back Maurice Jones Drew, the typical running back that kills the Eagles. Nevertheless, the Eagles should smoke the [...]

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