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Eagles-Jets Thoughts

Jets 2011 12

Coaching – With today’s win, Andy Reid has more than likely put an end to any doubts about whether or not he’ll be returning next season. With the team flashing occasional greatness and showing signs of improvement, the front office won’t feel any more inclined to make a change. They’ll continue to show full confidence [...]

Eagles-Bears Post Game Notes

Bears 54

- Surprise, surprise. Even after blowout of the Cowboys, I stated in my picks for Week 9 that I wasn’t at all convinced that the Eagles were over the issues that had caused them to go on a four-game losing streak. Sure enough, those same problems were all present and accounted for as the Eagles [...]

Vick’s Play Has Been The Most Disturbing Problem So Far


Forget the struggling linebackers. Forget the abysmal safeties. Forget the rookie defensive coordinator. The most troubling issue with the Philadelphia Eagles right now has been the inexcusably poor play of Michael Vick. Vick has not played to the level that the Eagles hoped he would be at this season. He has been inconsistent and erratic, [...]

Evaluating The Roster: Michael Vick

Vick 7 G8

With each entry into this series, I’ll take a look at the performance of a certain player, analyze their performance from the previous season, and comment on what I expect from them in the future. Michael Vick Entering the 2010 campaign, Michael Vick was somewhat of an afterthought. Vick hadn’t been playing well during the [...]

Eagles Pound Redskins 59-21, Vick has 6 TD’s, Weapons All Over the Field, Wrong QB Gets Extension

vick behind center

The Eagles came out smoking in this revenge game scoring 28 points in the first quarter, a new NFL record for a road team. The Eagles hit on all cylinders on their way to a 59-28  victory. The game was not even that close. The Redskins made no plays while the Eagles built a 28 [...]

Week 4, Eagles Best & Worst


The Good It was tough to find enough good players this week. But after pouring over the tapes, here goes: LeSean McCoy. This week McCoy really started to show his natural running skills. He was smooth, quick, great change of direction, made people miss left and right. He continues to run the ball extremely well [...]

Redskins 17 Eagles 12- Eagles Lay Egg, Vick Hurt, Reid Takes Blame For Loss!


This game was an unmitigated disaster for the Eagles. They didn’t show up ready to play. The defense snoozed as the Redskins built a 17-3 lead . Michael Vick got hurt in the first half on a play that was caused by the poor blocking of Max Jean-Gilles. Early reports have the Vick out 6 [...]

Eagles Redskins Pre-Game Spotlight


The Eagles go up against long time division rival Washington Redskins today, a matchup that show favor the Eagles by a sizable margin. The Eagles have been the superior team by all accounts over the past ten years, but the games always seemed to be close struggles. Was it the Eagles playing down to the [...]

The Red Zone Failures: On Andy or McNabb?


The season has already taken some strange turns. We expected Kevin Kolb to be the starting quarterback, but that only lasted 30 minutes. We expected Vick to be Vick–Minus (minus some running skills from his peak); instead we got Vick–Plus (same prime running skills plus some newfound quarterback skills). We expected Donovan McNabb to be [...]

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