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Week 8 Picks

2009 Record: 179-89 2010 Record:  63-41 Denver @ San Francisco As the NFL continues to attempt to force itself on a disinterested population in London, the 49ers pick up their second win of the season. Pick: San Francisco Jacksonville @ Dallas The Romo injury may be a deathblow, but I can’t believe the Cowboys can’t [...]

Week 8 Power Rankings

Jets. Bye week does nothing to change my mind. Trend: Stable Steelers. Eeked out win over average Dolphins, with some luck. Defense still the best.  Trend: Stable Patriots. Solid win over Norv led Chargers. Trend: Up Ravens. Yikes, a close call against the Bills! Not to worry, still solid at No. 4. Trend: Stable Giants. [...]

From the Notebook, Week 7

notepad 2

The Eagles go into the bye week after a terrible loss to the Titans. Here are some notes from last week’s game taken during the game, along with some comments as to what happened regarding those observations. Second Quarter 9:02 Looks like the Eagles are covering receivers well. Well, that was true at the time. [...]

Week 7, Eagles Best & Worst


The Eagles snatched a loss from the jaws of victory this week, losing 37-19 after leading 19-10 in the 4th quarter. The collapse was two-fold; the defense collapsed and had no counter to the Titans second half adjustments, and the offense failed to moved the ball after moving it well through 3 quarters. The Good [...]

Titans 37 – Eagles 19. Eagles Collapse, Led 19-10 in 4th. Britt Kills Secondary. McDermott Has No Counter to Titans 2nd Half Protection Adjustments


The Eagles were torched in the second half of this game, giving up 27 points in the 4th quarter. The defense fell apart on 2 counts; (1) The Titans made some protection adjustments to give Kerry Collins some time to throw and (2) The defensive secondary then had to cover Kenny Britt, a task which [...]

Week 7 Picks

2009 Record: 179-89 2010 Record: 53-37 Cleveland @ New Orleans The Saints look like the loss to Arizona woke them up. Pick: New Orleans Jacksonville @ Kansas City The Chiefs may win the AFC West. Pick: Kansas City 

Offensive Failures Cost The Phillies Their Season

The Phillies offense had a disappointing season. The Phillies identity for the last five years has been their offense. However, since the middle of May this year, the offense has been a huge issue. Though they scored runs over course the season, they also went through long slumps of very poor offensive production, and at [...]

O-Line Improvement Was From Many Sources

Peters-crop 2

The Eagles offensive line got off to a terrible start this season. Injuries and inconsistent play plagued the unit and contributed to the poor start by Kevin Kolb this year. However, over the past few games, and particularly this past week,  has shown signs of improvement. Last week against the Falcons, the Eagles provided the [...]

Week 7 Power Rankings

Jets. Stave off the Broncos to maintain top spot. Trend: Stable Steelers. Defense amazing at 10 points per game. Big Ben back. Trend: Up Patriots. Picks up old receiver who plays like old self. Defense needs to tighten up though. Trend: Up Saints. Easy win shows signs of old ways. Trend: Up Ravens. Tough loss [...]

Phillies Escape Game 5 With A Victory, But The Same Problems Remain

The Phillies will live to fight another day after another tough battle with the Giants in San Francisco. The Phillies didn’t get a stellar performance from Roy Halladay and they didn’t get as many runs as they would have liked to from their bats. But the team still managed to hang on and send the [...]

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